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Company culture

    Enterprise tenet: honesty, pragmatism, innovation.Enterprise location: do industry comprehensive development company.Business location: do a production and development in one, technology and services to the world's leading professional manufacturers.Business principles: to the customer and the employee responsible height, seek common development of the road.Enterprise missionTo become the industry leader in the field of technology, continued to pursue the maximization of customer satisfaction.To maintain and develop the technology in the industry leading position in the field. As industry expertsUsing innovative high-tech technology to help people feel civilized life.
    Core valuesIntegrity innovation customer oriented idea of overall situation of active and efficient pursuit of goals and reward and punishmentIntegrity --Real life, work diligently and conscientiously work is the enterprise and the staff of all behavioral principles and fundamental.Dealing with personal responsibility and opportunity, promote employees ' loyalty to the enterprise view.Treat customers, partners will always adhere to operate in accordance with the law, honest business management, the pursuit of win-win results.Towards his superiors, colleagues and subordinates should be honest, never allow the use of the competitors adopt means of dealing with internalrelations.Innovation --Promoting openness, equality, respect and motivate employees to innovate.The pursuit of product and service innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, through innovation to produce high value-added products and service.Customer oriented --To maximize the meet the reasonable needs of customers.Innovative service mode, and carefully build " full service " brand.Internal departments, between the staff of mutual relationship, should support each other, enthusiastic service.Global concept --Firmly opposed to individualism and overweening ideology.
    The enterprise is like paradise, unwilling and not identification with company core values people cannot stay in the company.Establish collaborative global concept, sincere cooperation, promote team spirit.Not for their own interest embezzlement or even damage the interests of others.In the external challenges, the team are not afraid of strong, competitive, the pursuit of excellence.The initiative efficient --Rapid response to users and the needs of the market, to solve the problem quickly.The pursuit of simple, smooth work flow, clear time and responsibilities.The initiative to assume responsibility, initiative and solve problems, active communication and cooperation.The pursuit of goals and reward and Punishment --Strengthen target concepts, strictly on the assessment of the result.Saying goes, in deed, strict discipline and punishment measures to ensure the achievement of corporate goals.Performance is measured by staff lifting or key indicators.

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