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Talent concept

The enterprise always regards human resource management as the first important link of the whole enterprise management. Adhering to the "people-oriented" management philosophy and adhering to the management principle of "clear power and responsibility, consistent position and reasonable salary", it provides employees with a good career stage. We implement the post competition and recruitment mechanism, activate the talent precipitation layer through internal competition and external selection, promote the outstanding talent to stand out, and realize the effective development and reasonable allocation of human resources.
In addition, the company has established a complete management system in the introduction, absorption, cultivation and use of talent management. Through the implementation of a series of measures, such as the specific salary and welfare treatment, training, and the evaluation of professional title, the quality of employees is constantly improved and the personnel structure is optimized.
We always adhere to the principle of combining "employing", "educating" and "encouraging", and integrate individual career planning into the training track of the enterprise, so that employees can receive various trainings and achieve higher personal development in accordance with the clear career development goals while serving the enterprise to promote the realization of enterprise strategic goals.
In the post promotion, the post competition for important posts, to provide vertical development space for the staff; In terms of position setting, the position should be designed to be highly stretch, so that each position can bear more work content, actively encourage employees to develop horizontally, cultivate inter-disciplinary talents, and provide everyone with sufficient development space to realize their own value.
"Open up the world to talents, create macro industry".
We sincerely invite you to join us and make our common career achievements.
"People-oriented talent strategy"
Our people-oriented, depending on the talent for the enterprise's largest capital, advocate the staff with enterprise common development, every employee with respect and the desire of the realization of self-worth, therefore, the company actively advocate "people-oriented, based on system security, on the premise of team and equality, trust" the enterprise culture and its implement talent strategy.

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